Zille still sup­ports ‘colo­nial project’

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IT’S NOT tweets about her “pos­i­tives from colo­nial­ism” that should get He­len Zille sus­pended from the DA’s ex­ec­u­tive com­mit­tees, or what­ever lead­er­ship po­si­tions she oc­cu­pies.

It’s her supreme sup­port for the main­te­nance of white eco­nomic power, white busi­ness con­trol and white priv­i­lege in the West­ern Cape that should have He­len Zille banned for life from the DA.

You can see from her tweets how He­len Zille thinks, her ac­knowl­edge­ment of the good and re­spect for colo­nial­ism, how she be­lieves, de­spite apol­o­gis­ing for her tweets, that “if it weren’t for colo­nial rule, Africa wouldn’t have ad­vanced”.

In­deed, He­len Zille is cor­rect about colo­nial­ism. That’s if she is thank­ing the colo­nial project, a vi­o­lent and hor­ren­dous in­ter­ac­tion for black peo­ple, for en­abling whites to get rich, take land away from in­dige­nous and au­then­tic own­ers and set up cap­i­tal­ist em­pires through the ex­trac­tion of Africa’s nat­u­ral re­sources and much more.

What is fright­en­ing and vastly ev­i­dent is how He­len Zille, through her con­trol of the DA in the West­ern Cape and gov­ern­ment port­fo­lio as Pre­mier and mayor (Cape Town mayor be­fore pre­mier), en­sures the con­tin­u­a­tion and sup­port for the colo­nial project. This es­sen­tially be­ing about white eco­nomic and busi­ness power!

Look at eco­nomic de­vel­op­ment in the West­ern Cape in post-apartheid South Africa. It’s the white peo­ple who are con­trol­ling the eco­nomic and busi­ness power.

In Cape Town, who is own­ing de­vel­op­ments on the lu­cra­tive land that is the At­lantic Se­aboard, in the Cape Town CBD and gen­tri­fi­ca­tion projects? It’s all white peo­ple!

This white-dom­i­nated own­er­ship is al­lowed and sup­ported by the DA in the West­ern Cape, with He­len Zille as pre­mier of the West­ern Cape. You can see where He­len Zille’s “tweets” are com­ing from, how they are be­ing played out and what im­pact they have on eco­nomic and land con­trol in to­day’s West­ern Cape.

How does Zille ex­plain this white eco­nomic power be­ing main­tained and sup­ported in the post-apartheid era? How does Zille ac­count for the in­vis­i­bil­ity of black busi­ness and non-black land and prop­erty own­er­ship on the At­lantic Se­aboard and CBD? Why are prop­erty and rental prices so ex­or­bi­tant in Cape Town in ar­eas close to the CBD and At­lantic Se­aboard and the Winelands out­side Cape Town?

It’s be­cause of the colo­nial and apartheid her­itage and in­her­i­tance! White peo­ple still have the money vi­o­lently at­tained from op­press­ing black peo­ple and mak­ing blacks work for prof­its ac­cu­mu­lated for whites!

But the DA un­der He­len Zille in the West­ern Cape is not do­ing much to change this white eco­nomic con­trol. The DA isn’t shar­ing and as­sist­ing black peo­ple to get into prime land and prop­erty own­er­ship.

So it’s not so much about her in­sen­si­tive and pro-colo­nial­ism tweets that He­len Zille should be forced to apol­o­gise and be sus­pended from the DA. It’s be­cause of how she uses the power of of­fice of the Pre­mier in the West­ern Cape to sup­port and ad­vance white eco­nomic con­trol that Zille must be re­moved from of­fice.

Through her poli­cies and ac­tions, Zille has shown she’s not ex­ist­ing for the peo­ple of the West­ern Cape, ir­re­spec­tive of class and race, but for the eco­nom­i­cally priv­i­leged from the colo­nial and apartheid projects, i.e. white peo­ple.

I chal­lenge He­len Zille to ac­count for the con­sol­i­da­tion of white eco­nomic power in the West­ern Cape, and her stran­gu­la­tion of black eco­nomic ad­vance­ment.

“Colo­nial sup­porter” tweet­ing Zille must not counter by say­ing ten­ders for busi­ness are “open to ev­ery­one” and the “best ten­der wins”. Does this mean “the best” are white busi­nesses? Yes, black and emerg­ing busi­nesses get some work here and there from the DA-con­trolled city of Cape Town and West­ern Cape Town. But these are the small monies for small projects. It’s the At­lantic Se­aboard, CBD and gen­tri­fied ar­eas where you see the white eco­nomic stran­gle­hold vi­ciously and, at times, in­hu­manely at work.

Don’t sus­pend or dis­ci­pline He­len Zille for her favourable colo­nial tweets. Take ac­tion against He­len Zille for her pur­pose­ful sup­port for the con­sol­i­da­tion of white eco­nomic power in the West­ern Cape. Cape Town

RAIN­ING ON HER PA­RADE: Pre­mier He­len Zille at the launch of the Sal­danha Bay In­dus­trial De­vel­op­ment Zone (IDZ). But the writer be­lieves she has blocked black eco­nomic ad­vance­ment.

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