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East-West vul­ner­a­ble. South deals Open­ing lead: King of Diamonds

The king of spades was al­most cer­tainly on­side from the bid­ding, so the con­tract was cold as long as trumps split no worse than 4-1. South, a care­ful de­clarer, gave some thought to the pos­si­bil­ity of a 5-0 trump split. Noth­ing could be done if West held all five miss­ing trumps, but there was a chance if it was East who held five trumps. South won the open­ing di­a­mond lead with dummy’s ace and then made the strange look­ing play of lead­ing a low trump to his jack. When West showed out, de­clarer had to go to “Plan B”. He led his spade to dummy’s queen and then dis­carded a di­a­mond on the ace of spades. South now cashed three rounds of clubs, end­ing in the dummy, and led a spade. Had East ruffed high, South would have dis­carded a di­a­mond and eas­ily taken the rest of the tricks. East, how­ever, dis­carded a di­a­mond, so South ruffed the spade. Dummy was re-en­tered with a trump to the king and dummy’s last spade was led. East was help­less this time. Another dis­card by him and South would ruff with his re­main­ing low trump for his twelfth trick. East ruffed in­stead, and South shed his last di­a­mond, claim­ing the bal­ance. Well done! Note that the con­tract would have been de­feated had South started trumps by lead­ing dummy’s king. He needed that card in dummy as a late en­try for his plan to work.

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