Sci­en­tists find for­mula for a flaw­less bot­tom

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LON­DON: In a world full of prob­lems, you’d think they’d have some­thing bet­ter to do, but sci­en­tists an­nounced yes­ter­day they had found a math­e­mat­i­cal for­mula for the most per­fect woman’s bot­tom.

Af­ter por­ing over pho­tos, ask­ing hun­dreds of ex­perts and tak­ing pre­cise mea­sure­ments, it turns out that ideal der­rières all have one thing in com­mon: a magic num­ber cor­re­spond­ing to the ra­tio be­tween the waist and the hips.

The re­searchers found the most ad­mired fig­ure, ex­pressed as a ra­tio of 0.7, was the same as the vi­tal sta­tis­tics of stars from the golden age of cin­ema, in­clud­ing Sophia Loren, Mar­i­lyn Mon­roe and El­iz­a­beth Tay­lor.

A num­ber of mod­ern celebri­ties also come close to this magic num­ber.

Bri­tish ac­tress and model Rosie Hunt­ing­ton-White­ley, who has a 6.2.5cm waist and 88.9cm hips, boasts a ra­tio of 0.71, cal­cu­lated by di­vid­ing the cir­cum­fer­ences of the waist by the hip.

US singer Bey­oncé is just a frac­tion off the ideal at 0.65, with a 66.04cm waist and 101.6cm hips.

Sci­en­tists from Eras­mus Univer­sity in the Nether­lands showed 583 plas­tic sur­geons and 450 mem­bers of the pub­lic in 40 coun­tries im­ages of a 27-yearold model that were dig­i­tally al­tered to cre­ate a range of body shapes. Over­all, the re­searchers said 39%, the big­gest group, found the 0.7 waist to hip ra­tio was their ideal.

The au­thors said: “Of all body parts, across many cul­tures and time, the but­tocks have en­dured as a key body el­e­ment of fe­male beauty.” Writ­ing in the jour­nal Plas­tic and Re­con­struc­tive Surgery, they added: “There seems to ex­ist a global con­sen­sus re­gard­ing the ideal waist to hip ra­tio.”

Views var­ied be­tween na­tions, with sur­geons in Latin Amer­ica pre­fer­ring the largest but­tocks, fol­lowed by those in Asia, North Amer­ica and Europe.

Hav­ing a slim­mer waist than hips is not just a mea­sure of beauty, but doc­tors say it may be a bet­ter in­di­ca­tor of health than body mass in­dex, which is your weight di­vided by height squared.

Some women go to great lengths to achieve the per­fect be­hind, with but­tock aug­men­ta­tion surgery be­com­ing in­creas­ingly pop­u­lar.

The au­thors said the num­ber of oper­a­tions had in­creased by more than 20% be­tween 2014 and 2015. – Daily Mail

A magic num­ber cor­re­spond­ing to ra­tio be­tween the waist and hips

CURVACEOUS: Bey­oncé, Sophia Loren and the late El­iz­a­beth Tay­lor have ideal der­rières.

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