Poor gov­er­nance at core of our school ad­mis­sion woes

The Star Early Edition - - LETTERS - Jaco Bruwer

Re: School zon­ing re­flects apartheid era by An­dré H Gaum, The Star, July 28 I am per­plexed by this ar­ti­cle. You ac­cu­rately iden­tify a large num­ber of prob­lem ar­eas and in­ex­cus­able stum­bling blocks that are still put in the way of chil­dren, over­whelm­ingly from racial groups ex­cluded by apartheid.

There is no ex­cuse for apartheid and its legacy. This must be ad­dressed, and with the great­est of ur­gency.

What is not clear to me is why the progress is so slow. A great num­ber of these fac­tors are poor gov­er­nance and lead­er­ship, of which you were (are?) a se­nior mem­ber. In­stead of ad­dress­ing the prob­lem at the core, which is equip­ping, train­ing and shap­ing up the 400 schools that are un­wanted, the eas­ier op­tion is to pull down the few schools that still per­form?

Here is the fact: It does not mat­ter from where the chil­dren come from, these few schools CAN­NOT ac­com­mo­date the thou­sandswho ap­ply to go there.

In my mind the prob­lem is hu­man rights, and that ev­ery­one is equal. This leads to a myr­iad prob­lems. The teacher who gets pupils preg­nant and ab­stains from school, has equal rights to the teacher who works self­lessly with al­most no help from gov­ern­ment.

The fail­ing stu­dent with NSFAS fund­ing who af­ter six years is still a stu­dent, has equal rights to the 2nd-year stu­dent who passed and sleeps in toi­lets be­cause he can­not af­ford ac­com­mo­da­tion.

Where I agree with you is chil­dren have rights, and we as society must nur­ture, pro­tect and train them as they are our great­est as­sets.

How I wish we had lead­ers who had sleep­less nights about the rights of our chil­dren, in­stead of hav­ing sleep­less nights about how to stay on the gravy train.

Now the sleep­less nights are dom­i­nated by schemes to hide in­com­pe­tence, gain votes by point­ing fin­gers, “plan­netjies” to syphon off the money.

I re­ally do not care which po­lit­i­cal party gov­erns South Africa, as long as we can have lead­ers of in­tegrity, fo­cus and hon­esty. Hen­ley on Klip

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