We need an early elec­tion

The Star Early Edition - - LETTERS - Nathane Monatisa

IN YOUR editor’s col­umn of June 28, you pointed out, rightly, the peo­ple’s power.

Con­sti­tu­tional democ­racy is premised on the power of the peo­ple. The peo­ple voted for par­ties to put them into power. The par­ties have in turn se­lected and de­ployed their mem­bers, MPs – who in­clude the pres­i­dent – to serve in Par­lia­ment.

Those that are de­ployed to Par­lia­ment and the gov­ern­ment, to­gether with the ap­pointed civil ser­vants, are there­fore in­di­rectly de­ployed and ap­pointed by the peo­ple to serve the in­ter­est of the peo­ple.

It has be­come clear that the de­ploy­ment and ap­point­ment du­ties as­signed to the pres­i­dent and his MPs have been taken over by other peo­ple, fam­i­lies and in­di­vid­u­als who were not con­sti­tu­tion­ally and legally voted, de­ployed or ap­pointed di­rectly or in­di­rectly, by the peo­ple.

You fur­ther sug­gest how it is in­cum­bent on us, the peo­ple, to ex­er­cise our power, the very same power we gave politi­cians to stop the coun­try from stray­ing and pro­tect the state jeal­ously with our lives to en­sure it serves us, the peo­ple, and that the peo­ple should rise against state cap­ture.

The ques­tion is, how do the peo­ple do that or what do you sug­gest the peo­ple should do? What do we, as the peo­ple, have to do as law-abid­ing ci­ti­zens, with­out re­sort­ing to an­ar­chy, the lan­guage that peo­ple have come to be­lieve is the only one un­der­stand­able by the gov­ern­ment?

How can a referendum be used by the peo­ple to re­quest an early elec­tion, as 2019 seems to be too far for the coun­try to sur­vive the siege con­sid­er­ing the mag­ni­tude and the speed at which it is be­ing con­sumed and cap­tured? Em­fu­leni

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