Cut­ting carbs can help fer­til­ity

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CUT­TING down on car­bo­hy­drates can help cou­ples in­crease their chance of start­ing a fam­ily, say fer­til­ity ex­perts.

The Bri­tish Fer­til­ity So­ci­ety says the food group ap­pears to play a role in con­cep­tion and egg qual­ity. It fol­lows ev­i­dence that a low-carb diet can al­most dou­ble women’s chances of preg­nancy, while too much stodgy food may stop them ovu­lat­ing.

The lat­est ad­vice came from Bri­tish ex­perts at the Euro­pean So­ci­ety of Hu­man Re­pro­duc­tion and Em­bry­ol­ogy in Geneva.

Dr Gil­lian Lock­wood, of the Mid­land Fer­til­ity Clinic in Tam­worth, Stafford­shire, said cou­ples are ad­vised to fol­low a “fer­til­ity diet” of one car­bo­hy­drate group a day, un­lim­ited lean pro­tein and leafy veg­eta­bles. “I tell my pa­tients that if they are go­ing to have toast for break­fast, then that is their carbs for the day,” she said. “They can­not then have a sand­wich for lunch and pasta for din­ner.”

Pri­vate clinic Leeds Fer­til­ity has also launched a pi­lot scheme to teach cou­ples about nutri­tion, in­clud­ing a cook­ing class with a ma­jor fo­cus on car­bo­hy­drates. White bread and pasta are banned in favour of whole­meal ver­sions, while muesli or por­ridge, live nat­u­ral yo­ghurt or eggs should re­place pro­cessed break­fast ce­re­als. The lunchtime sand­wich should be ditched for a salad – with bis­cuits and cakes al­lowed only as an “oc­ca­sional” treat.

Foods like white bread are re­fined car­bo­hy­drates, which are sim­ple mol­e­cules that break down more quickly in the body, caus­ing a sharp rise in blood su­gar. Over time, the body be­comes less able to process su­gar, lead­ing to pos­si­ble dam­age to cells in­clud­ing sperm and a woman’s eggs.

Car­bo­hy­drates are also be­lieved to make the lin­ing of the womb less re­cep­tive to an em­bryo. – Daily Mail

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