JZ’s ruse to prop up Nkosazana

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ANC pres­i­dent Ja­cob Zuma is set­ting a bad prece­dent by try­ing to latch onto power as well as play­ing the eth­nic card by try­ing to keep KwaZulu-Natal in the lead­er­ship of the ANC.

By sug­gest­ing that there should be no win­ner-takes-all ap­proach he is paving the way for Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma in case she comes se­cond to who­ever wins the ANC pres­i­dency. He wants pro­tec­tion from Dlamini Zuma since he faces charges of cor­rup­tion.

This man’s time is up so he must not di­rect and dic­tate who should be­come ANC pres­i­dent.

He must just va­cate the pres­i­dency the same way his pre­de­ces­sors did.

Zuma’s shenanigans should teach the ANC that a per­son who faces crim­i­nal charges should not be al­lowed to stand for the low­est pub­lic of­fice, let alone the pres­i­dency.

I don’t think this im­por­tant eth­i­cal and moral ques­tion was part of their pol­icy con­fer­ence held in Nas­rec.

In the run-up to the con­fer­ence, some ANC lead­ers could be heard saying Pub­lic Pro­tec­tor Bu­sisiwe Mkhwe­bane had over­stepped her man­date by rec­om­mend­ing that the con­sti­tu­tion be amended to change the man­date of the SA Re­serve Bank which is pri­vately owned but en­joys con­sti­tu­tional pro­tec­tion.

This is­sue was de­bated at that pol­icy con­fer­ence which shows that the own­er­ship of the bank is rel­e­vant as the pub­lic pro­tec­tor’s rec­om­men­da­tions in­di­cated.

The pub­lic pro­tec­tor did not over­step her man­date.

The ANC must na­tion­alise or al­ter the man­date of South Africa’s cen­tral bank just like France did in 1936 and Bri­tain did in 1946.

The cen­tral banks of these two Euro­pean coun­tries were na­tion­alised yet they re­main in­de­pen­dent.

There are some in South Africa who think if the cen­tral bank is na­tion­alised or its man­date is changed, it will lose its in­de­pen­dence and au­ton­omy.

Noth­ing could be far­ther from the truth.

The bank does not carry out its man­date of pro­tect­ing the cur­rency, low­er­ing in­fla­tion and en­cour­ag­ing growth.

When the ANC dis­cussed the own­er­ship of the Re­serve Bank, the rand dropped.

So the ANC should not dis­cuss still the pri­vate own­er­ship of the Re­serve Bank?

One of the man­dates of the Bank of Eng­land is to cre­ate em­ploy­ment and to keep in­fla­tion at or below 2%.

Why can’t the man­date of the Re­serve Bank be changed to be like that of Eng­land, con­sid­er­ing that South Africa’s black ma­jor­ity pop­u­la­tion was im­pov­er­ished by the pre­vi­ous govern­ment and that there is high un­em­ploy­ment in the coun­try?

The bank is the only cen­tral bank in the world which is pri­vately owned and whose man­date is con­sti­tu­tion­ally en­trenched.

Why shouldn’t the cen­tral bank be ac­count­able to the people and con­sti­tu­tion of South Africa when the Con­sti­tu­tional Court of South Africa re­cently made a land­mark rul­ing that the South African Par­lia­ment, the ex­ec­u­tive and ju­di­ciary are ac­count­able to the people and con­sti­tu­tion of South Africa? The cen­tral bank is ac­count­able to its share­hold­ers.

This is un­ac­cept­able. Kag­iso


TIME’S UP: The writer says Pres­i­dent Zuma is set­ting a bad prece­dent by propos­ing a suc­ces­sion pol­icy that ac­com­mo­dates Dlamini Zuma.

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