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“Sim­ple Satur­day” col­umns are meant to help as­pir­ing play­ers im­prove tech­nique and de­velop log­i­cal think­ing. To be­come an ef­fec­tive de­clarer, learn to han­dle card com­bi­na­tions cor­rectly. For ex­am­ple, with K-Q-4-3-2 op­po­site A-10, the best play for five tricks is to lead the deuce and fi­nesse with the ten. To­day’s de­clarer has seven top tricks. To make 3NT, he must try for two clubs. A be­gin­ning player might lead the jack. That would be fine if his clubs were J-10-9. As it is, East will take the queen, and how­ever de­clarer pro­ceeds, he will score only one club trick. You hold: A72 AQ4 863 K 6 4 2. The dealer, at your right, opens one club. What do you say? AN­SWER: To pass with­out a hes­i­ta­tion is a sign of ma­tu­rity as a player. You have a hand­ful of losers, and to dou­ble and oblige your part­ner to be de­clarer would be un­kind. Nor do you have the strength to over­call 1NT. This hand is suit­able for de­fend­ing. Your best chance for a plus may be to wait for the op­po­nents to reach an un­mak­able con­tract. North dealer N-S vul­ner­a­ble

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