The Star Early Edition - - TONIGHT PUZZLES -

WE HAVE found 89 words that can be made from the let­ters in the square, each of which uses the let­ter in the mid­dle and con­tains at least four let­ters. We chal­lenge you to beat this, and also to make at least one nine-let­ter word. No ab­bre­vi­a­tions, ini­tials or for­eign words un­less they form words in ev­ery­day use. No plu­rals. To­day’s Tar­get Good 59; very good 72; ex­cel­lent 89. So­lu­tions to­mor­row. Yes­ter­day’s so­lu­tions: ae­olic al­lot aloe aloetic also alto atoll cal­listo cello ciao close closet clot coal coast coat coati coil coital cola cole col­late col­let col­lie colt coset cost costal cote iota iso­late lac­tose lo­cal lo­cale lo­calise lo­cate lose losel lost oast oats oc­tal oleic OSCILLATE otic scot sco­tia silo sloe slot so­cial so­cle soil sola so­lace sole soli stoa stoic sto­ical stola stole taco teo­calli toil toile toils toll

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