Duterte is opi­oid ad­dict - ex­iled leader

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EX­ILED Com­mu­nist Party of the Philip­pines found­ing chair­man Jose Maria “Joma” Si­son is­sued a strong mes­sage against Philip­pines Pres­i­dent Ro­drigo Duterte’s drug war on Sun­day, dub­bing the un­pre­dictable pres­i­dent an opi­oid ad­dict and “a coward through and through”, hours be­fore a pre-dawn raid in Min­danao claimed the life of a mayor, his wife and 10 oth­ers.

“He is crazed by power and Fen­tanyl,” Si­son said.

Rey­naldo Paro­jinog, the mayor of Oza­miz city, was killed in a gun bat­tle with the po­lice who ar­rived to serve a search war­rant at his home, ac­cord­ing to of­fi­cials.

Sev­eral high-pow­ered firearms and an un­spec­i­fied amount of metham­phetamine were re­cov­ered, Ti­mo­teo Pa­cleb, chief of po­lice of North­ern Min­danao, said.

The Oza­miz mayor is the third mayor to be killed in the gov­ern­ment’s grisly nar­cotics crack­down.

“The Paro­jinogs, if you would re­call, are in­cluded in Duterte’s list of per­son­al­i­ties in­volved in the il­le­gal drug trade,” Ernesto Abella, the pres­i­dent’s spokesper­son, said.

Duterte has promised to in­ten­sify the war on drugs, re­ject­ing crit­i­cisms from those he claims are “triv­i­al­is­ing” his cam­paign with hu­man rights con­cerns and un­justly blam­ing the au­thor­i­ties for the blood­shed.

Si­son, 78, has lived in ex­ile in the Nether­lands fol­low­ing years of im­pris­on­ment and tor­ture at the hands of the Fer­di­nand Mar­cos dic­ta­tor­ship, which ruled the Philip­pines from 1965 to 1986. A for­mer col­lege in­struc­tor to Duterte, Si­son ex­co­ri­ated his for­mer stu­dent as a hyp­ocrite and coward on Sun­day.

“As an ad­dict user of the opi­oid Fen­tanyl, Duterte is the No 1 drug ad­dict in the Philip­pines and is the most fit­ting tar­get of the po­lice units that he has turned into death squads and cor­rupted with money and pro­mo­tions,” Si­son said.

Duterte has ad­mit­ted to overus­ing the pain-killing drug Fen­tanyl

a pow­er­fully ad­dic­tive opi­ate to treat a se­ri­ous mo­tor­cy­cle in­jury he sus­tained when he was 68.

Say­ing that he took more than the rec­om­mended dosage be­cause it made him feel that he was “on cloud nine”, Duterte has also de­nied his de­pen­dency on the drug, ex­plain­ing “that when there’s a mon­key on your back, that’s ad­dic­tion”.

“Duterte has been favour­ing cer­tain drug lords by de­liv­er­ing the street mar­ket to them where the low-level push­ers of other drug syn­di­cates have been slaugh­tered,” Si­son said.

Crit­ics say Duterte has turned a blind eye to thou­sands of deaths dur­ing po­lice op­er­a­tions that bear all the hall­marks of ex­e­cu­tions. teleSUR

Philip­pines Pres­i­dent Ro­drigo Duterte.


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