I’m sick and tired of risk­ing my life ev­ery time I drive

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I AM get­ting de­spon­dent at Joburg’s polic­ing.

I have to drive my car ev­ery day and, quite hon­estly, I am get­ting sick and tired of risk­ing my life ev­ery time I drive in Joburg – a “world-class African City”.

If we are as our city fa­thers claim, why is it we never see a po­lice of­fi­cer on our streets, con­trol­ling traf­fic? Ev­ery day I have to ne­go­ti­ate taxis. There is not one of them even at­tempt­ing to drive law­fully.

There is no at­tempt by any of them to obey road rules, stop­ping at red lights, driv­ing on the wrong side of the road in nar­row streets if there is a queue of cars at a stop street.

In the lat­ter con­di­tions, they drive at full speed to the in­ter­sec­tion and with­out even slow­ing down, they go to the front of the queue and even turn left at full speed with no re­gard to the cross­ing traf­fic.

It is be­com­ing so bad that even the pub­lic is be­gin­ning to em­u­late these dan­ger­ous driv­ers. Stop­ping at traf­fic lights has be­come un­fash­ion­able now.

Where are our traf­fic po­lice?

Do they not have any­thing to do but lie in wait trap­ping peo­ple for speed­ing?

Why is it when a traf­fic light is not work­ing at a busy in­ter­sec­tion, there is no one con­trol­ling the traf­fic and cross­ing over the in­ter­sec­tion is a kamikaze en­deav­our when suc­cess means the ab­sence of an ac­ci­dent or death.

I know we have new city man­age­ment in Joburg. Why do we not no­tice any im­prove­ment to our daily lives and com­mut­ing?

Please could we get the po­lice to do some hon­est and re­ward­ing work and see that they are not only money col­lec­tors im­prov­ing the cash flow for them­selves and the city coun­cil?

We have so many peo­ple out of work – em­ploy some of them and train them to be traf­fic war­dens if the po­lice­men em­ployed by the city are too lazy to do their job and act for the me­trop­o­lis.

Con­trol the taxis as they are dan­ger­ously ar­ro­gant.

No at­tempt by any of them to obey road rules

Park­town North

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