Early ex­po­sure to porn fos­ters ag­gres­sion in men

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YOUNG boys ex­posed to pornog­ra­phy are more ag­gres­sive in their at­ti­tudes to­wards women and the younger a man is when he first sees pornog­ra­phy, the more likely he is to want power over women.

This is ac­cord­ing to a re­search in the US which stud­ied 330 men and found that the av­er­age age of first see­ing pornog­ra­phy was 13. It was also found out that some had been ex­posed to porn, ac­ci­den­tally or oth­er­wise, when they were just five years old.

This re­search fol­lows other stud­ies which show that pornog­ra­phy, which is be­com­ing in­creas­ingly hard­core in the in­ter­net age, warps men’s at­ti­tudes to the other sex.

It comes as Daily Mail re­cently high­lighted a se­ries of cases where women had lost their lives to men ad­dicted to ex­treme porn.

“Porn of­ten shows men dic­tat­ing the ac­tiv­i­ties, con­trol­ling women’s bod­ies, and be­ing phys­i­cally vi­o­lent and ag­gres­sive against women,” said the co-au­thor of the lat­est study, Christina Richard­son from the Univer­sity of Ne­braska. “Men ex­posed young to these images of women may want this more in their sex lives and real lives.

“These men, we found, en­dorsed power over women and said women should be sub­servient to men. They also said that things worked bet­ter when men were in charge.”

The re­search con­firmed the US team’s ex­pec­ta­tion that men would be­have more ag­gres­sively to­wards women and be more pro­mis­cu­ous after be­ing ex­posed to pornog­ra­phy at a young age. In the men they stud­ied, the age at which they first saw porn ranged from five to 26.

Un­ex­pect­edly, how­ever, it was men who had watched porn for fewer years, see­ing it first at an older age, who be­haved more like “play­boys”. Lead au­thor Alyssa Bis­chmann, also from the Univer­sity of Ne­braska, said: “We did not ex­pect men ex­posed to porn at an older age to be more likely than men ex­posed at a younger age to want to be­have in a more pro­mis­cu­ous way.

“One the­ory to ex­plain this is that more years of see­ing pornog­ra­phy makes men more anx­ious about match­ing the per­for­mance in porn films when it comes to real-world sex.

“They want to live up to the norms that they see in porn and so sex be­comes a more neg­a­tive ex­pe­ri­ence.

“Men who saw porn later in life may not feel the same pres­sure and so may feel more con­fi­dent about hav­ing sex with more women.”

Stud­ies show that al­most 90% of men watch pornog­ra­phy, many from a young age, with so­cial me­dia sites fac­ing crit­i­cism for al­low­ing vul­ner­a­ble teenagers ac­cess to ex­plicit images. The re­search was based on 46 ques­tions given to men about pornog­ra­phy. – Daily Mail

‘Things work bet­ter when men are in charge’

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