Dagga dam­ages the hu­man brain

The Star Early Edition - - LETTERS - Dr Billy Levin

ROGER Sperry was awarded the No­bel Prize many years ago for his “split brain re­search”.

We all have two brains. His re­search ex­plained how the two halves of the hu­man brain func­tion. The right brain is more de­vel­oped at birth, but school readi­ness is when the left brain over­takes the right at about 5 years of age.

The left, log­i­cal, lit­er­acy, lan­guage-learn­ing brain be­comes dom­i­nant. We must think log­i­cally with the left brain be­fore al­low­ing the “do­ing” right brain to func­tion.

There ex­ists a ge­net­i­cally in­her­ited neu­ro­log­i­cal brain dys­func­tion called at­ten­tion deficit hyper­ac­tiv­ity dis­or­der (ADHD). It presents as ei­ther a be­hav­iour prob­lem or a learn­ing prob­lem with ma­jor com­pli­ca­tions if ne­glected. The con­di­tion is ei­ther a right brain dom­i­nance or a left brain im­ma­tu­rity – ex­actly the op­po­site to nor­mal­ity.

Treat­ment is de­signed to boost the left brain to be­com­ing dom­i­nant and re­store nor­mal­ity.

Methylphenidate, bet­ter known as Ri­talin and Con­certa, are brain stim­u­lants and can pro­duce ma­jor im­prove­ments in ADHD pa­tients.

The com­pli­ca­tions of the con­di­tion are drug­ging, di­vorce, dis­as­ter with crime (do­ing with­out think­ing and get­ting into trou­ble) and much more. A con­ser­va­tive 40% of se­ri­ous crim­i­nals in jail have this un­di­ag­nosed and ne­glected con­di­tion. An Amer­i­can pro­fes­sor has sug­gested if we do not wake up, we will be putting peo­ple in jail for an in­her­ited con­di­tion.

We all need a dom­i­nant left brain to func­tion nor­mally. Dagga has been clearly re­searched to sup­press the left brain. Thus, safe med­i­cal treat­ment is to boost the left brain med­i­cally. Dagga sup­presses the left brain.

It is shock­ing to think any­one would want to le­galise the use of dagga.

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