Mom’s bleach mix scare

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LON­DON: A mother al­most died from chlo­rine gas poi­son­ing af­ter ac­ci­den­tally cre­at­ing a lethal cock­tail of chem­i­cals to mop her kitchen floor.

Charley How­son was over­come by the fumes and left in se­vere pain af­ter mix­ing sev­eral house­hold clean­ing prod­ucts in a bucket.

The 36-year-old put a deadly com­bi­na­tion of bleaches and clean­ing agents in with hot wa­ter to mop the floor in an at­tempt to get a deeper clean.

But within min­utes she started to suf­fer ag­o­nis­ing chest pains as chlo­rine gas was pro­duced from the mix last Wed­nes­day.

Her son, Corey, 15, heard her scream­ing in pain and dialled the emer­gency ser­vices. How­son, said: “The pain got worse and worse, I thought I was hav­ing a heart at­tack.

“I’ve had a col­lapsed lung be­fore, and it felt a bit like that. I told Corey not to call an am­bu­lance, I said I’d be fine, but I was in agony.”

Paramedics found her oxy­gen lev­els were dan­ger­ously low and she was taken to hos­pi­tal.

The mother of three added: “I was pet­ri­fied.

“I didn’t know what was hap­pen­ing, and just kept think­ing about my kids.”

She was put on oxy­gen at hos­pi­tal and given a chest X-ray to check if she had suf­fered a col­lapsed lung, but it came back clear.

She said: “The doc­tor asked if I had been clean­ing, be­cause the paramedics men­tioned a strong smell of bleach.

“He said mix­ing those chem­i­cals with the hot wa­ter had given me chlo­rine gas poi­son­ing. I was stunned, I couldn’t be­lieve it.

“The doc­tor said if my son hadn’t phoned for the am­bu­lance when he did, it could have been a lot worse.

“Corey’s re­ally ma­ture for his age, and I’m so grate­ful he didn’t lis­ten to me when I said I was fine.

“It could have been so much worse. I could not be here. It could have killed me.”

Bleach­ing agents are made up of chlo­rine com­pounds that can re­lease the chlo­rine el­e­ment when brought into con­tact with other chem­i­cals. – Daily Mail

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