Cannabis oil does work won­ders


MUCH has been said and writ­ten about the medic­i­nal value of cannabis oil in re­cent months.

Set­ting out to work on Tues­day morn­ing last week, lit­tle did I know that by the end of the day, I would be mak­ing use of the much-de­bated sub­stance.

Just be­fore I got to work, walk­ing on the pave­ment past the De­part­ment of Hu­man Set­tle­ments in the Joburg CBD, I man­aged to twist my an­kle. Any­one who has walked that pave­ment will know what shoddy con­di­tion it’s in.

I man­aged to get through my shift with­out any med­i­cal as­sis­tance/rem­edy/treat­ment. How­ever, as the day went on, the pain in my left an­kle in­ten­si­fied – so much so that I could barely climb the stairs.

My nor­mal 10-minute walk to Gandhi Square, where I catch the bus, turned into a 17-minute or­deal. Upon dis­em­bark­ing from the bus, the pain was ex­cru­ci­at­ing and I fi­nally got home af­ter fin­ish­ing the last 400m stretch in about 10 min­utes.

I im­me­di­ately put ice on my af­fected an­kle. My neigh­bour, bless her soul, no­ticed me hob­bling and came around to ask what was wrong. I ex­plained, and she promptly brought me some cannabis oil.

Af­ter ap­ply­ing it, I went to bed, still in some dis­com­fort. I awoke the next morn­ing, wary of not putting too much pres­sure on my an­kle. I could feel a no­tice­able dif­fer­ence. The an­kle was still swollen, but there was lit­tle pain, and I went to work.

From per­sonal ex­pe­ri­ence, I can say cannabis oil works.

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