And Justice for all

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● I al­ways en­joy Mon­day morn­ings for a sim­ple rea­son: Justice Malala’s hard-hit­ting, gutsy and hon­est anal­y­sis and de­scrip­tion of our crip­pled coun­try.

This man de­serves our to­tal re­spect for his in­sight and un­der­stand­ing and for his guts to write as he does.

How pos­i­tively we would grow and pros­per as a coun­try if men and women with Justice Malala’s in­sight, in­tel­lect and to­tal lack of fear could come to­gether and crush out this can­cer of cor­rup­tion and plun­der­ing of the state.

The sad­ness, though, is it makes not a jot of dif­fer­ence to our govern­ment and nor will it stop the plun­der­ing and cor­rup­tion. — Charles Porter good­will. Sadly, we will never know. What we do have is Jester Ja­cob who, as Tom Ea­ton so elo­quently writes, is a dis­grace, a blight, but not stupid. — Doris Rain­bow

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