GAME — RiME (PC, Nin­tendo Switch, Plays­ta­tion 4, Xbox One)

The Times (South Africa) - - Horoscopes & Stuff - — Sylvia McKe­own

● You wake up as a young boy on an is­land with noth­ing but the abil­ity to yell magic. No in­for­ma­tion is di­rectly given for the rest of the game. Af­ter ex­plor­ing the is­land and yelling at stat­ues you awaken a fox com­pan­ion who guides you by com­mu­ni­cat­ing us­ing whelps and barks as you un­cover the greater mean­ing of the quest you face. No game since Jour­ney has been this suc­cess­ful in guid­ing the player so ef­fort­lessly while main­tain­ing a cere­bral non-cog­ni­tive ex­plo­rative ex­pe­ri­ence. Nor has one been so beau­ti­ful. Plus you get a fox com­pan­ion. Need I say more?

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