The ‘bril­liance’ of Ja­cob Zuma

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● Ran­jeni Munusamy’s ar­ti­cle on Novem­ber 14 re­ferred to Pres­i­dent Ja­cob Zuma’s “strate­gic ge­nius”. And that he con­tin­ues to “bam­boo­zle” his po­lit­i­cal op­po­nents.

Do me a favour. There is noth­ing in­ge­nious about this at all. This is sheer pop­ulism. Any­body can “give” any­thing away in an crude at­tempt to seek favour and garner sup­port from the un­e­d­u­cated masses, par­tic­u­larly when us­ing money other than your own.

This per­son re­ceives far too many ac­co­lades for be­ing brilliant when he is any­thing but. — Bob Carter, Sandown

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