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UD TRUCKS re­cently pre­sented the last UD40 pro­duced at its Pre­to­ria as­sem­bly plant to the Rhino Or­phan­age in Lim­popo, as part an ef­fort to con­serve and pro­tect rhi­nos for gen­er­a­tions to come.

The suit­ably cam­ou­flaged UD40 will be utilised as a bush am­bu­lance, to trans­port th­ese very frag­ile and of­ten se­ri­ously hurt baby rhi­nos to a place of safety. The truck will be fit­ted with a range of ve­teri­nary equip­ment and will be able to move up to three baby rhi­nos at a time, while be­ing cared for by a ded­i­cated vet.

The Rhino Or­phan­age is a reg­is­tered non-profit com­pany based in the Lim­popo prov­ince, founded by Ar­rie van Deventer in 2012. The or­phan­age is the first spe­cial­ist, ded­i­cated, non-com­mer­cial cen­tre that cares for or­phaned or in­jured baby rhi­nos with the only aim of re­leas­ing them back into the wild.

“See­ing that the leg­endary U41 range is now ex­tinct, so to speak, we wanted to help the Rhino Or­phan­age pre­vent a living leg­end, the rhino, from go­ing ex­tinct as well in a very prac­ti­cal way,” said Rory Schulz, man­ag­ing direc­tor of UD Trucks South­ern Africa. “We be­lieve the Ul­ti­mately De­pend­able UD40 will sup­port the Rhino Or­phan­age’s ef­forts in pro­tect­ing rhi­nos for gen­er­a­tions to come.”

Ac­cord­ing to Van Deventer, UD Trucks and its staff truly have hearts of gold. “This do­nated UD40 is greatly val­ued and will go a long way in sup­port­ing our ac­tiv­i­ties to save baby rhi­nos from cer­tain death. Thank you to ev­ery­one at UD Trucks who played a part in as­sem­bling and do­nat­ing this very spe­cial ve­hi­cle.”


The last UB40 will serve as a bush am­bu­lance, to trans­port frag­ile and of­ten se­ri­ously hurt baby rhi­nos.

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