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THE most wheels that Wheels can re­port on this month were spot­ted be­tween Veld­drif and Vre­den­burg on the West Coast, where the last gi­ant wind tur­bine blade was last week hoisted into place.

At about 50 me­tres, each blade is half as long as a soc­cer pitch, and weighs about seven tons. It takes less than a day to pull the tower up for the wind tur­bine, but twice that time to erect and dis­man­tle the crane.

The height of th­ese wind tur­bines varies from 85 me­tres to 95 me­tres.

Her­man Rix, the owner of the farm where the wind is be­ing har­vested, said the 280-ton crane had put in place 46 of the wind tur­bines.


To sup­port a 280-ton crane that has to lift a seven-ton blade in place on top of a 85-me­tre high tower re­quires a lot of wheels. The last of th­ese wind tur­bines were erected last month at a farm on the West Coast.

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