Is this the year’s cra­zi­est stunt on wheels?

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RED Bull and GoPro need to get their act to­gether, be­cause the #1 cra­zi­est ex­treme promo video on the In­ter­net to­day be­longs to a shoe com­pany.

Rep­re­sent­ing DC Shoes, Aus­tralian mo­tor­cy­cle dare­devil Rob­bie Madi­son has dropped into a good-sized Tahi­tian wave and surfed it — on a lightly mod­i­fied KTM dirt bike.

This is one of the most supremely ridicu­lous and jaw-drop­ping things we’ve ever seen.

The bike ap­pears to be a KTM 350 cc two-stroke, with a big fat pad­dle tyre on the rear.

While we’ve seen dirt­bikes aqua­plan­ing at top speed on a still body of wa­ter be­fore, Madi­son needed some ex­tra help out there in the surf, so it seems they built him a cou­ple of small plat­forms ei­ther side of his front and rear tyres to give him a bit of lift as he gassed it through the waves.

Like the tank tracks used by crazy Nordic riders to ride over deep lakes on heavy snow quads, the KTM’s rear tyre has two-inch high rub­ber pad­dles in­stead of grooves for threads.

To­gether with the small skis on the sides, these pud­dles pro­vide enough for­ward thrust to keep the bike aloft as he takes the drop. DC Shoes call their video Pipedream, and it begs for Madi­son to bring the mod­i­fied dirt bike to the kilo­me­tre-long pipe near Don­key Bay on the West Coast. This is the ul­ti­mate pipe in the world, but its re­mote lo­ca­tion and hairy en­try makes it a spot which only pros can surf.

Surely this pipe on the diamond coast, Madi­son’s skills and that crazy bike is YouTube video made to go vi­ral. Ex­treme sport fans sure de­serve to see these three come to­gether.

More de­tails about the bike and the mak­ing of the video are sure to emerge soon and we’d love a be­hind-the-scenes on this gor­geous video.

But for now, just watch the damn thing, over and over again, and marvel at the times we live in. — Giz­mag.


Aus­tralian mo­tor­cy­cle dare­devil Rob­bie Madi­son surfs on a KTM bike with a mod­i­fied rear tyre and small skis be­side the wheels.

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