A mon­ster bike like no other

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CAN mo­tor­cy­cles un­dergo meio­sis? If so, Lu­dovic Lazareth’s LM 847 looks like it’s got stuck in the process of cell divi­sion.

Built around a gi­gan­tic, 4,7- litre Maserati V8 en­gine, this ter­ri­fy­ing tilt­ing quad bike picks up where the Dodge Tom­a­hawk left off, with four sin­gle- sided swingarms, rim- mounted brakes, dual hub- cen­tre steer­ing and a bunch of other crazy touches. Not a bolt on this crazy cre­ation is any­thing like any other bike you’ve seen this side of the show- only Dodge Tom­a­hawk. From the winged front lamps, to the rude, stout air in­take be­hind the screen, to the in­con­gru­ous foot­boards, to the fact that it runs a sin­gle- speed trans­mis­sion with a hy­draulic cou­pling and elec­tric re­verse, it’s a com­plete orig­i­nal …

… un­til you no­tice he’s stuck a Du­cati Panigale tail sec­tion on it, vir­tu­ally un­changed, and some­how made it work visu­ally de­spite the fact that it’s fixed to a 2,6 me­tre long, 400 kg, tilt­ing quad bike.

The heart of the mat­ter is a lu­di­crous mo­tor: the 4,7- litre, 32- valve, V8 from the Maserati Qu­at­tro­porte, a 620 new­ton­meter bone crusher that puts out ex­actly 4,7 times the old horse­power limit.

One rear tyre was never go­ing to be enough to put 470 horse­power to the ground, so Lazareth sup­plies two, each with its own chain drive, and each on its own hefty sin­gle- sided swingarm.

The ob­vi­ous choice here would be to sus­pend each wheel in­di­vid­u­ally, but Lazareth has no time for ob­vi­ous choices. He mounts a TFX rear shock trans­versely, in a fash­ion that looks like it will not only damp bump- han­dling move­ments that af­fect both rear wheels, but also any mo­tion that moves one wheel rel­a­tive to the other — for ex­am­ple, cor­ner­ing lean an­gle changes.

How this works dy­nam­i­cally on the road, who knows?


The very wide han­dle­bars are to pro­vide the nec­es­sary lev­er­age to move those wide, dual front tyres.

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