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AUDI un­veiled the new R8 Spy­der V10 at the New York In­ter­na­tional Auto Show this week, stat­ing the new cabrio fea­tures a host of im­prove­ments to the R8 to build on the per­for­mance car’s pop­u­lar­ity.

Fore­most among these im­prove­ments is the grin- in­duc­ing abil­ity to blast from 0- 100 km/ h in a 3,6- sec­onds, thanks to the 397 kW V10 en­gine un­der the hood.

De­spite two banks of five cylin­ders burn­ing the petrol, Audi claims the Spy­der ac­tu­ally re­duces fuel con­sump­tion to 11,7 l/ 100 km in ev­ery­day driv­ing, thanks to Jeep’s trick of us­ing cylin­der- on- de­mand ( COD) as well as dual in­jec­tion.

The S- tronic dual- clutch trans­mis­sion also has “free­wheel­ing” mode, which aids in the fru­gal fuel econ­omy by al­low­ing the car to coast when it can. The free­wheel­ing mode is ac­ti­vated when the driver takes their foot off the ac­cel­er­a­tor at speeds over 55 km/ h, which de­cou­ples the en­gine from the driv­e­train to “coast.”

Inside, the new in­te­rior for the Audi R8 is dom­i­nated by the large 12,3- inch in­fo­tain­ment mon­i­tor and the driver­centric con­trol lay­out. A full suite of track- ready apps for record­ing times, out­puts, and more can be found there.

The multi- dis­plays around the tachome­ter and speedome­ter in the in­stru­ment clus­ter can be cus­tom­ized, too. Oth­er­wise, the com­plete gamut of Audi MMI apps and nav­i­ga­tion in­fo­tain­ment in­clu­sions are stan­dard in the R8 Spy­der. This in­cludes Audi’s new nat­u­ral- lan­guage voice con­trol sys­tem, which uti­lizes mi­cro­phones set into the seat­belts for bet­ter au­dio pick- up.

Cus­tomi­sa­tion for many body add- on com­po­nents, such as dif­fusers and front spoiler, are avail­able as well.


The lat­est Audi R8 Spy­der prom­ises fru­gal fuel con­sump­tion — from a V10 en­gine.

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