Off- road rollerblades give 20 km of thrills

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POLAND’s Jack Skopin­ski — the force be­hind the EV4 tilt­ing elec­tric quad we cov­ered re­cently — has now de­signed elec­tric off- road rollers with rub­ber tracks.

Skopin­ski says that his so­called “off- road rollerblades” were de­signed and built in re­sponse to cus­tomer de­mand for per­sonal trans­porta­tion that can be thrown in a bag be­tween trips.

To the rear of each boot is a 350 W DC mo­tor that’s juiced from 26 V/ 26 Ah Li- ion bat­ter­ies and 36 A con­troller.

This com­bi­na­tion drives the rub­ber- tracked blades to a top speed of 15 km/ h for about 20 km be­fore the bat­ter­ies need top­ping up.

Speed is con­trolled by a ca­bled, hand­held con­troller, with the sys­tem specs show­ing a 1: 4 gear ra­tio. Bladers change di­rec­tion by lean­ing into the turns.

Like the EV4, the tracked blades have a some­what rough and ready aes­thetic, the de­sign cer­tainly not as con­sumer- fo­cused as mo­torised skat­ing so­lu­tions like the sp­nKiX.

Tip­ping the scales at nearly five kilo­grams, these funky elec­tric track boots are likely go­ing to be quite a weighty haul be­tween trips, too.

But if the off- road an­tics in the promo video be­low are any­thing to go by, it might just be worth the ef­fort. The “off- road rollerblades” are avail­able now for about R22 458, or 5 500 in Pol­ish Zloty.

Skopin­ski said he “plans to build nor­mal elec­tric rollerblades with 2 x 8 wheels” for in­ner city elec­tric rolling in the near fu­ture.


Only from Poland, off- road e- rollers.

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