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AT R115 900: (60 kW/102 Nm) For work­horse buy­ers who in­sist on new, noth­ing beats the Changan in South Africa. The 1,3 King Cab is bet­ter for big­ger driv­ers, but Elvis Naidoo at Metro Cars in Pi­eter­mar­itzburg re­ports none of the seven peo­ple who won Changans as prizes in the Unilever Com­pe­ti­tion have com­plained about a tight squeeze in the sin­gle cabs.

Naidoo points out the Changan bakkie is the old Chana with a new name, and adds that they use them as these lit­tle Chi­nese pit ponies at the Metro truck year, where they will yet out­last the trucks.

At R134 995: (74 kW/238 Nm) The Mahin­dra Bolero is South Africa’s sec­ond-most af­ford­able bakkie, and for heav­ier loads, the one we recommend with­out reser­va­tion. But don’t take our word for it. Ask the many farm­ers who thought these were so cheap they may as well buy one and drive it to death, some­thing they are still try­ing. In fact, the only owner we know of that could kill a Bolero had chipped his to make 400 Nm, and then fell asleep at the wheel, driv­ing into a large rock. Both driver and pas­sen­ger es­caped with only seat­belt bruis­ing.

Then came:

R139 995 Fo­ton Thunda 2,2 (76 kW/193 Nm)

R157 900 Nis­san NP200 1,6i (64 kW/128 Nm)

R159 800 Chevro­let Util­ity 1,4 (68 kW/120 Nm)


For last-mile de­liv­er­ies, Wit­ness Wheels can recommend a used Chana, or the new Changan. Lube them when re­quired and these lit­tle Chi­nese pit ponies will work past the boss’s re­tire­ment.


Many farm­ers are still try­ing to work to death the Mahin­dra Bolero bakkies they bought years ago, with­out suc­cess.

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