Above — the en­emy of all petrol heads. It’s not this driver­less Rob­o­racer, but its ‘brain’ — a Nvidia Drive PX 2 su­per com­puter — that is cur­rently learn­ing how to drive, fast.

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The me­tered taxi driv­ers in Jo­han­nes­burg who stoned the cars of Uber driv­ers were to­tally mis­guided. For it won’t be Uber’s lowly paid in­for­mal driv­ers who will make of­fi­cial taxis re­dun­dant, but the ‘brain’ in this ro­bot race car, called Rob­o­race. The brain is a Nvidia Drive PX 2 su­per com­puter, which can process a tsunami of raw data from the sen­sors, cam­eras and lasers mounted around the car at light­ning speed. The huge scoops in the nose col­lect air just to cool this com­puter. Rob­o­race will next be tested in the cur­rent For­mula E sea­son around the world. It is still in the Beta phase and is not ex­pected to win a race … yet. But as soon as it does, the Nvidia can and will take over the taxi driv­ers’ jobs too.


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