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POLAND’S Kadler de­sign stu­dio has re­leased images of the Varso­via, a con­cept lux­ury sa­loon for the new ex­ec­u­tive who needs to be con­nected en route.

To be built by the Varso­via Mo­tor Com­pany in the Pol­ish cap­i­tal Warsaw, the fu­tur­is­tic car broad­ens the def­i­ni­tion of a lux­ury ve­hi­cle. For a start, it takes note that most real ex­ec­u­tives travel only with a sec­re­tary and a driver, hence there are only three seats in the car. Varso­via said the seats will mea­sure their oc­cu­pants’ emo­tional state and ad­just ac­cord­ingly, but with no de­tails of how the mea­sure­ments will be taken nor what ad­just­ments will be made.

The car con­tains all the dig­i­tal para­pher­na­lia re­quired to turn the sa­loon into a mo­bile of­fice, in­clud­ing two large 19-inch trans­par­ent dis­plays.

The screens do not so much as fold back as in­te­grate with the glass roof of the Varso­via, where the screens can ei­ther be 90% trans­par­ent to func­tion as a roof win­dow, or set to show any given images, from the fam­ily pho­tos to the night skies.

When un­folded, the screens cre­ate a dou­ble panoramic screen with a record di­ag­o­nal of 38 inches.

The op­er­a­tion of the equip­ment is pos­si­ble thanks to a built-in tablet, key­board and mouse. The sec­re­tary is, of course, linked to the in­ter­net with su­per-fast con­nec­tion that Varso­via said will work any­where in the world.

To fur­ther set the Varso­via apart from other sa­loons aimed at ex­ec­u­tives, the metal flanks are not smooth, but edged in fish scales, which de­signer Ro­man Kadler said was in­spired by the mer­maid fea­tured in the coat of arms of Warsaw. The fish-scale ef­fect has the ben­e­fit of look­ing like wa­ter rip­pling down the side, giv­ing the im­pres­sion of move­ment while the car is parked.

In the boot there is a tiny gen­er­a­tor to charge the bat­ter­ies on long roads, but like most elec­tric cars to­day, the lux­ury Pol­ish car will have a range of some 320 km.

Varso­via said in a state­ment that it in­tends to build the fu­tur­is­tic car as soon as 2018.


Poland’s Kadler de­sign stu­dio has re­leased images of the Varso­via, a sedan for the new ex­ec­u­tive who needs a mo­bile of­fice. The car has only three seats to al­low room for the ex­ec­u­tive at the back to stretch his or her legs and un­fold the two 19-inch screens (shown above).

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