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THE least ex­pen­sive in this class is the Toy­ota Quest, sell­ing for R199 400, with the VW Golf 7 the most ex­pen­sive fam­ily favourite at R329 900.

This class is the ex­cep­tion to the rule, where two sim­i­lar cars, the Toy­ota Corolla Quest and Pres­tige, are both in­cluded. This is based on their re­spec­tive sales fig­ures — the Quest sells about 600 a month, the Pres­tige 800 — and this, I think, war­rants in­di­vid­ual sta­tus for each.

The mar­ket is slightly dif­fer­ent, borne out by the fact that the more ex­pen­sive model, the Pres­tige, — R276 150 — is more pop­u­lar.

The Toy­ota pair head this highly com­pet­i­tive class, the Quest this year has just come in with the cheaper parts bas­ket at R72 659 (R69 446) to the R76 267 (R67 078) for the Pres­tige.

In a sur­prise third po­si­tion is the Mazda 3 at R97 343 (R133 327 for last year !) — mov­ing it from last in the class in 2015 to third this year.

Golf 7 is the cheap­est to ser­vice at R3 968, fol­lowed by Chevro­let Cruze at R4 361. To re­pair these fam­ily favourites you are bet­ter off if you drive a Mazda 3 with a re­pair bas­ket at R13 272 or a Honda Jazz at R13 520.

To crash or not to crash — the Toy­otas are the least costly for crash parts, the Quest at R50 168 and the Pres­tige at R54 744.

Some brands are very ex­pen­sive in this sec­tion — push­ing close to or over R100 000 for the 17 crash parts.

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