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FAW has launched its new SUV with the next level of Ap­ple’s Siri and An­droid’s Alexa — on-board holo­grams that project “driver as­sis­tants” on the dash­board.

The holo­grams are part of FAW’s new Pen­tium SUV, the “T77” which Chi­nese buy­ers can al­ready order.

In the video, a ro­tat­ing holo­gram pro­jec­tor on the car’s dash­board projects char­ac­ters that “en­gage” with driv­ers.

The first char­ac­ter is a typ­i­cal an­ime style girl with blonde hair and a short skirt. The sec­ond is a small boy play­ing bas­ket­ball and the third is a white ro­bot.

FAW say the holo­gram as­sis­tants will in­ter­act and en­ter­tain driv­ers.

The car was first shown to con­sumers at a plant in the city of Changchun, cap­i­tal of China’s Jilin prov­ince.

Like Siri and Alexa, the holo­grams re­spond to voice com­mands and will be able to carry out ac­tions such as low­er­ing the win­dows, turn­ing on the wind­screen wipers and 41 other ca­pa­bil­i­ties.

Driv­ers will be able to choose which char­ac­ter they want to act as their driver as­sis­tant. — WR.


One of three driver “as­sis­tants” pro­jected as holo­grams in the new FAW SUV’s dash­board is a miniskirted an­ime char­ac­ter.

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