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The puff adder (Bi­tis ari­etans) is a ven­omous snake species found in the African sa­van­nah and grass­lands.

The species is prob­a­bly the most com­mon and wide­spread snake on the con­ti­nent.

When dis­turbed, the snake will coil into a de­fen­sive S­shaped pos­ture and hiss loudly, hence its com­ mon name “puff adder”. This sound is used as a warn­ing sig­nal, and it’s best not to ignore it. You re­ally don’t want to find out why.

When they be­come ag­i­tated, puff adders can move sur­pris­ingly fast with pos­si­bly deadly con­se­quences.

They have cy­to­toxic venom. Their bite is very painful as this venom dam­ages tis­sue and de­stroys cells.

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