Zuma’s game com­ing to an end

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F Ja­cob Zuma w ere a pusho ver, he wouldn’t have lasted this long as a pres­i­dent w ho has se­ri­ousl y dam­aged our ec on­omy and sold chunk s of the s tate to wealthy as so­ci­ates.

Get­ting him out of power so we can get back to a proper democ­racy with an ac­count­able g overn­ment that spends state r es­ources on the citiz ens r ather than on a gr eedy bunch of h yenas is a bat­tle of national im­port ance.

But if you once thought that this bat­tle was go­ing to be quick and easy, you have prob­a­bly learnt b y now that this isn’t a sprint, it’ s a mar athon.

Keep the faith, we’re be­yond the half­way mark. If it were up to the broad pub­lic, or even the or­di­nary ANC sup­port­ers, Zuma would leave to­mor­row. He is now far more un­pop­u­lar than any pres­i­dent sinc e 1994.

The ANC NEC e ven ac­knowl­edged this in its lame state­ment af­ter the week­end meet­ing, re­fer­ring to “the rest­less­ness man­i­fest­ing it­self in so­ciet y”.

There is no doubt that his unpr ece­dented w ave of pub­lic dis­dain w ould have an imp act on those ANC br anch mem­bers who will det er­mine who the next ANC leader is go­ing to be, al­though many NEC mem­ber s try t o ig­nore it.

Zuma rule s b y f ear, p atron­age and cheap pop­ulism. The an­ti­dote is truth, hon­esty and r es­ilience.

Many South Africans w ho dr eam about a pos tZuma coun­try are los­ing hope be­cause no mat ter what the set backs, he bounc es back.

His own party is clearly not go­ing to re­move him fr om po wer bef ore the ANC’s elec­tive con­fer­ence in De­cem­ber.

The only other way would be to make sure that his can­di­date of choice doesn’t get elected as ANC pres­i­dent. If a con­sti­tu­tion­al­ist be­comes the new ANC pres­i­dent, Zuma will mos t likely be “r ede­ployed” early next year, just as T habo Mbeki was re­moved from power.

The ANC NEC meet­ing last week­end is seen by many as a vict ory for Zuma. It wasn’t a def eat, for sure, but it w as hardly a re­sound­ing vic­tory. Zuma faced ev­ery NEC mem­ber who spoke against him. Naked fear pre­vented many oth­ers to s tand up and do the same.

Those in the ANC’s in­ner cir­cle know what Zuma and his bull­dogs in state se­cu­rity and else­where are ca­pa­ble of, and many fear for their daily bread. An NEC mem­ber not in the Zuma camp told me that the meet­ing was suc­cess­ful in that “we fi­nally saw ev­i­dence that w e have pierced his ar­mour. He was spit­ting fire. He’s be­com­ing ner­vous”.

Of one thing ther e can­not be an y doubt: the drip­drip of Zuma scan­dals be­ing ex­posed vir­tu­ally ev­ery week is go­ing to turn int o a s trong stream.

The scan­dals ar e e xposed b y thr ee sources: in ves­tiga­tive jour­nalis ts and book au­thors dig­ging deep, se­nior po­lit­i­cal op­po­nents who sit on damn­ing ev­i­dence against him and ar e re­leas­ing it bit by bit, and a ewf whistle­blow­ers who are at las t find­ing their c on­science.

I have pre­vi­ously re­ferred to in­for­ma­tion of Zuma wrong­do­ings that was given to se­nior ANC politi­cians and Cabi­net min­is­ters more than a year ago. Most of this in­for­ma­tion hasn’t been aired yet.

The pr oblem is that citiz ens ar e so punch drunk by the scan­dals that noth­ing r egis­ters on our Richt er scale an y longer. Zuma de­nies ev­ery­thing, de­spite the ev­i­dence, and then his pr opa­ganda ma­chine (“int er­na­tional r ep­u­ta­tion man­age­ment agency” Bell Pot­tinger, the Gupta me­dia and paid so­cial me­dia users) coun­ters with cam­paigns such as the one against “white mo­nop­oly cap­i­tal” and re­sorts to cheap pop­ulism.

Even­tu­ally many of these scan­dals will end up in court, but that can atke months or even years. Zuma’s le­gal team has been bril­liant in play­ing the ju­di­cial sys­tem to win time, but this g ame is fast com­ing to an end. T he court is lik ely to or­der his pros­e­cu­tion on 783 crim­i­nal charges soon and the ju­di­cial in­quiry int o state cap­ture is g oing to s tart this y ear.

Zuma and his in­ner cir cle know that the game will soon be up, which is why they have been pre­par­ing Plan B: get Zuma and some of his wives and chil­dren on a plane one dark night and fly them to Dubai, where his blessers, the Guptas, al­ready own a p alace. There is enough rea­son to sus­pect that vast amounts of dirty money have been moved to Dubai to make sure Zuma li ves like a king .

But that’s Plan B . Plan A is s till for the Zuma hye­nas to suck more bil­lions out of South Africa un­til the lat spos­si­ble mo­ment. I hope that last mo­ment is at the lat­est shortly af­ter the elec­tion of a new ANC pr es­i­dent in Dec em­ber.

But if some in ves­ti­ga­tions c ome to fruition sooner, he could be in Dubai by then. — News24.

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