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MOSCOW — The de ath t oll in a s torm that s truck Mo scow and surr ound­ing sub­urbs on Monda y has ris en t o 16 , and mor e than 200 o thers w ere in­jur ed, Rus­sian o ffi­cials said.

It w as the de adli­est s torm in the Rus­sian c ap­i­tal sinc e one on a simil ar scale in 1998 that kill ed ar ound 10 peo­ple. El even o f the c asu­al­ties on Monda y were in Mo scow whil e the o ther fiv e were in the sub­urb s, R ussian inv es­ti­ga­tors and the ad­mi­nis tra­tion o f the Mo scow r egion said y es­ter­day.

Moscow r es­i­dents c om­plained that they had no t been pr op­erly w arned.

The R ussian emer gen­cies minis try said it had cir cu­lated an adv ance no tice through me­dia and au­thor­i­tie s, T ASS news ag ency r eported the minis try as say­ing in a s tate­ment. — R eu­ters.

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