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NEARLY­ 9­ 500­ stu­dents­ will­ grad­u­ate­ this­ year­ fromthe­ Univer­sity­ of­ KwaZulu-Natal.

Grad­u­a­tion­ is­ al­ready­ in­ full­ swing,­ with­ cer­e­moniesin­ Durban­ be­ing­ un­der­ way­ since­ Mon­day.­ Cer­e­monies­for­ Pi­eter­mar­itzburg­ stu­dents­ will­ com­mence­ nex­tweek.­ UKZN­ will­ hold­ 20­ grad­u­a­tion­ cer­e­monies.

UKZN­ will­ this­ year­ award­ sev­eral­ hon­ourary­ doc­tor­ates,which­ will­ in­clude­ for­mer­ statis­ti­cia-gen­er­alat­ Statistics­ South­ Africa,­ Pali­ Le­hohla,­ be­ing­ hon­oured­dur­ing­ a­ cer­e­mony­ in­ Pi­eter­mar­itzburg­ for­ his­role­ in­ ad­vo­cat­ing­ statistics.

Three­ UKZN­ aca­demics­ will­ re­ceive­ dis­tin­guishedteach­ers’­ awards­ for­ teach­ing­ ex­cel­lence.­ These­ arePro­fes­sor­ Naven­ Chetty,­ of­ the­ school­ of­ chem­istryand­ physics,­ Pro­fes­sor­ Gueguim­ Kana­ of­ the­ schoolof­ life­ sciences­ and­ Dr­ An­surie­ Pil­lay­ of­ the­ school­ ofe­d­u­ca­tion.­ There­ will­ be­ 112­ Summa Cum Laude and322­ Cum Laude grad­u­ates.

This­ year’s­ youngest­ grad­u­ate­ is­ 19-year-old­ Bule­laniM­sawakhe­ Maz­ibuko,­ who­ has­ ob­tained­ a­ Bach­e­lo­rof­ Arts.­ On­line­ celebrity­ fit­ness­ trainer­ SbahleMpisane­ also­ grad­u­ated­ with­ a­ de­gree­ in­ Housin­gand­ Town­ Plan­ning.­ Eighty­ stu­dents­ with­ dis­abil­i­tieswill­ grad­u­ate.­

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