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MU­SI­CIAN­ Sindi­ Nene (pic­tured)­ has­ re­leased­ a­ new­track­ ti­tled­ I AM­ —­ a­ Win­nie­ Man­dela­ trib­ute.

The­ Durban-born­ singer,­ song­writer,­ com­poser,­ and­busi­ness­woman­ was­ ex­posed­ to­ the­ study­ of­ mu­sicin­ high­ school.­ There­after,­ she­ went­ on­ to­ study­ Jaz­zand­ pop­u­lar­ mu­sic­ at­ the­ Univer­sity­ of­ KwaZu­luNatal.­

She­ rose­ to­ fame­ in­ 2010­ as­ a­ con­tes­tant­ in­ Idols

SA,­ and­ that­ saw­ her­ land­ a­ deal­ with­ Univer­sal­ Mu­sicRecords­ in­ 2011.­ She­ was­ also­ signed­ un­der­ theUniver­sal­ Mu­sic­ Pub­lish­ing­ Group.­ Later­ that­ year­ shere­leased­ an­ al­bum­ called­ INFINITE,­ which­ had­ one­ sin­gle­called­ Nguwe Wedwa.

Now­ signed­ to­ 999­ Mu­sic,­ she­ will­ be­ re­leas­ing­ aself-ti­tled­ al­bum­ SINDI,­ which­ has­ el­e­ments­ of­ soul,pop,­ RnB,­ hip­ hop­ and­ jazz.

In­ a­ press­ re­lease,­ Nene­ said­ Win­nie­ Madik­izela-Man­dela­ was­ and­ will­ con­tinue­ to­ be­ a­ sym­bol­ ofhope,­ free­dom­ and­ in­spi­ra­tion­ to­ not­ only­ youngSouth­ African­ peo­ple­ but­ to­ the­ whole­ of­ Africa.

“She­ stood­ for­ equal­ity,­ she­ stood­ up­ against­ bul­lies,and­ she­ stood­ for­ free­dom­ to­ life­ and­ was­ doin­gall­ this,­ as­ a­ woman,­ along­side­ other­ free­dom­ fight­ers,when­ the­ African­ peo­ple­ were­ be­ing­ op­pressed,”Nene­ said.­

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