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• TRURO CAN­CER SUP­PORT GROUP MEET­ING:­ To­mor­row­ at­ 3­ pm­ at­ North­daleLi­brary.­ All­ can­cer­ pa­tients,­ sur­vivors­ and­ care­giversin­vited­ to­ at­tend.­ In­quiries:­ Aneetha­ at083­ 639­ 0892.

• 58th AGM OF PMB & DISTRICT COM­MU­NITY CHEST:­At­the­Palms­Hall,­PMB­Men­tal­Health­ So­ci­ety,­ 25­ Devon­shire­ Av­enue,Napier­ville­ at­ 10­ am­ on­ Thurs­day,Septem­ber­ 20.­ RSVP­ to­ Com­mu­nity­ Chest­ byTues­day,­ Septem­ber­ 18.­ Con­tact­ 033­ 394­ 1031or­ e-mail:­ re­cep­tion@com­mu­ni­ty­

• AS­SO­CI­A­TION OF RE­TIRED TEACHER’S PMB MEET­ING:­ Will­ be­ held­ on­ Thurs­day,Septem­ber­ 20­ at­ Club­ Wood­lan­der­ at­ 1.30­ pm.All­ mem­bers­ are­ in­vited.

• CAN­CER PA­TIENTS SUP­PORT GROUP:On­ Tues­day­ from­ 2­ pm­ to­ 3.30­ pm­ at­ Net­careSt­ Anne’s­ board­room.­ All­ can­cer­ pa­tients,­ their­fam­ily/friends­ and­ all­ care­givers­ are­ in­vited.Topic:­ Stress­ Man­age­ment.­ Con­tact­ Shub­numIs­mail­at­082­ 360­ 2590/­Shub­­mail@net­­ Nox­olo­ at­ 033­ 342­ 9837­ or­ nm­

• TRUE WORSHIPPERS TABER­NA­CLE:­ Ishost­ing­ a­ praise/wor­ship­ evening­ on­ Sun­dayat­5­ pm­at­Shak­iles­Cen­tre,­Moun­tain­Rise.­Tick­ets:R50­ with­ three-course­ meal.­ Con­tact­ Markat­ 078­ 124­ 0916.

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