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The Witness - - OPINION - MARY BIZLEY Pi­eter­mar­itzburg

I HAD put off re­new­ing my South African pass­port for weeks, daunted by neg­a­tive feed­back.

So the day came, armed with my neigh­bour’s stool, wa­ter and Check­ers di­ges­tives, I made my way there.

Gil­more Park­ing; how con­ve­nient is that? I walked round the cor­ner and saw at least 70 peo­ple, qui­etly re­signed — Home Af­fairs was off­line.

Sit­ting on my stool, I dis­pensed bis­cuits and then went home.

The next day, it took 45 min­utes and my pass­port was to be col­lected in five days.

Be­fore I reached home, I got a text to say my pass­port re­newal was in the sys­tem.

Four work­ing days later, I got an SMS to fetch my pass­port, clearly the back­ground staff were work­ing like beavers; it took 45 min­utes.

Strength­ened , I de­cided to try for my free pen­sioner’s ID smart card.

Good news for SA cit­i­zens born in an­other coun­try — be­cause of the many vary­ing na­tion­al­i­ties they didn’t know how long it could all be “con­fig­ured”.

Could it be 10 years? I could be dead — our lit­tle joke!

Well done, Home Af­fairs staff, I hope your work­ing en­vi­ron­ment can be made a lit­tle more at­trac­tive, all cit­i­zens de­serve that.

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