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Us­ing the let­ter S some­where in ev­ery word, can you make at least 47 words of 50 let­ters or more out of these let­ters? At least one word will have all the let­ters. No proper names.

Yes­ter­day’s an­swer: apron, atop, pant, panto, pants, par­son, part, pass, pas­son, past, pas­tor, pa­tron, pons, port, post, post­man, posts, pram, prat, proa, psoas, ramp, rapt, rasp, romp, samp, sapor, snap, soap, span, spar, spasm, spat, sport, sports, SPORTS­MAN, spot, spots, sprat, stamp, stomp, stop, stops, strap, strop, tamp, tam­pon, taps, tar­pon, top­man, tops, tramp, trap, traps.

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