From Cape to Cairo on a bi­cy­cle


A­ JA­PANESE­ man­ cy­cling­ the­ enor­mous­dis­tance­from­ Cape­ Town­ to­ Egypt­ made­ a­ quick­ stop­ in­Pi­eter­mar­itzburg­ yes­ter­day.

Tet­suya­ Mi­zoguchi­ (22)­ set­ off­ on­ Oc­to­ber­ 17from­ Cape­ Town­ and­ rode­ the­ Gar­den­ Route­ andthe­ Eastern­ Cape­ be­fore­ reach­ing­ KZN.

The­ cy­cling­ en­thu­si­ast­ is­ on­ a­ five-month­ break­from­ his­ me­chan­i­cal­ en­gi­neer­ing­ stud­ies,­ and­ has­de­cided­ to­ use­ that­ time­ to­ soak­ up­ the­ African­con­ti­nent.

Mi­zoguchi­ has­ only­ his­ bi­cy­cle,­ a­ tent,­ a­ sleep­ing­bag,­ some­ clothes­ and­ a­ cam­era­ for­ the­ jour­ney,which­ he­ wants­ to­ com­plete­ by­ March­ next­ year,end­ing­ in­ Cairo.

“I­ like­ trav­el­ling­ and­ I­ like­ to­ do­ it­ on­ my­ bi­cy­cle.I­ use­ it­ to­ chal­lenge­ my­self,­ and­ I­ feel­ good­ when­ Icy­cle­ —­ I­ feel­ alive.”

He­ said­ he­ has­ been­ cy­cling­ for­ about­ 10­ hour­se­very­ day­ on­ his­ marathon­ jour­ney,­ start­ing­ from6­am­ and­ end­ing­ at­ sun­set.

“I­ camp­ some­where­ at­ night,­ so­ I­ have­ to­ find­ asafe­ spot.­ If­ I­ can­ find­ a­ cheap­ ho­tel­ I’ll­ stay­ there.Some­times­ peo­ple­ al­low­ me­ to­ stay­ with­ them.­ Ihave­ stayed­ at­ a­ bus­ sta­tion­ and­ in­ a­ church­ so­far.­ I­ meet­ many­ kind­ peo­ple.”

He­ has­ sur­vived­ on­ bread­ and­ canned­ food,­ andthe­ oc­ca­sional­ take­away.

Mi­zoguchi’s­ jour­ney­ will­ see­ him­ make­ his­ nextstop­ in­ Jo­han­nes­burg.­ He­ in­tends­ to­ ride­ throughZim­babwe,­ Zam­bia,­ Tan­za­nia,­ Uganda,­ Kenya,­ Ethiopi­aand­ Su­dan,­ be­fore­ fi­nally­ reach­ing­ Egypt. •­ kerushun.pil­lay@wit­


Tet­suya­ Mi­zoguchi­ (22)­ made­ a­ stop­ in­ Pi­eter­mar­itzburg­ in­ his­ jour­ney­ from­ Cape­ Town­ to­ Egypt.­

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