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WITH some good north-east wind pre­dicted and a break from the rain, we could see some good week­end fish­ing, ac­cord­ing to Jan from the King­fisher in PMB.

The fresh­wa­ter side of the an­gling world has been do­ing very well. The bass fish­ing is go­ing great guns while the trout are keep­ing the river and dam guys busy and the carp keep the alarms singing. The weather is the only thing putting a damp­ener on the spir­its (mood not drink).

The carp fish­ing has been fan­tas­tic. The new dips that have been brought out by Su­per­cast have sold out so fast that the fac­tory is hav­ing to pro­duce more. The King­fisher should have stock in a week or two.

The Spi­der­man dip in par­tic­u­lar has proven it­self to be deadly for most of our KZN wa­ters.

Mid­mar has been pro­duc­ing some very healthy carp. A gar­lic bait mixed with some­thing sweet has been the key to the suc­cess of the an­glers up there.

The fish­ing has been a bit slower than the more coastal dams, so you need to sit it out to get the re­sults. Inanda, Nagel and Al­bert Falls have all been fish­ing in­cred­i­bly well over the last few weeks. Most of the reg­u­lar flavours have been pro­duc­ing good re­sults for the guys.

The dif­fer­ence in the suc­cess has come in the bait­ing. The guys that have put the time and prepa­ra­tion in a week be­fore the trip have seen more con­sis­tent re­sults. Tiger­nuts have been the best hook­bait for the spec­i­men an­glers.

The bass fish­ing has been off the hook ... The dams are a lit­tle low, but the guys fish­ing the off­shore struc­ture have hauled out some gi­ants over the last week. The same dams pro­duc­ing the carp are also pro­duc­ing the bass.

Ha­zle­mere has dropped dras­ti­cally due to the lower wa­ter lev­els. The bass have moved off­shore to find refuge away from the shal­low wa­ter.

Inanda and Mid­mar are fan­tas­tic at the mo­ment. The King­fisher Re­ac­tion soft plas­tics have the bass in a flat spin and the large amount of salt im­preg­nated in to the plas­tic has them hold­ing on much longer than some of the other brands. The best colours at the mo­ment are the wa­ter­melon red and black. Whether it be a fluke or a worm, as long as they are one of those two colours, you are in the game.

The trout have slowed down in the dams over the last few weeks. There have still been some gi­ants that have been landed, but noth­ing like the fish­ing we ex­pe­ri­enced this win­ter.

The river fish­ing, how­ever, has been fir­ing like the Siege of Lady­smith, with some beau­ti­ful browns and rain­bows com­ing out of all the rivers.

Zak, hotspot and gun nymphs have been the or­der of the day for the guys crawl­ing along the bot­tom while the guys on top have favoured an elkhair cad­dis or a DDD.

River fish­ing is all about hit­ting the pock­ets where the fish will be hid­ing and re­duc­ing drag. Drag makes the fly move un­nat­u­rally and needs to be avoided at all cost. Keep your tip­pets light and mend your line to get the best re­sults.

The off­shore scene has been re­ally ac­tive over the last few weeks, with the sum­mer fish show­ing up in big num­bers and the catch records are re­flect­ing some great fish­ing.

There have been plenty of sail­fish to get the blood pump­ing and the short words flow­ing when they jump off. Boats have been record­ing mul­ti­ple hookups and the land­ing rate is im­pres­sively high.

The guys specif­i­cally tar­get­ing the sailies have had great suc­cess us­ing the smaller kona-style lures with most colours pro­duc­ing. Black and red is a per­sonal favourite.

The shore an­gling has been a sum­mer fest. The big­ger ined­i­bles are start­ing to turn up on the catch re­ports as well as some bet­ter ed­i­bles.

The ined­i­ble fish­er­men do not need to worry about where to go, just go north!The di­a­monds have not shown up in great num­bers as yet, but the other ined­i­bles have made up for their ab­sence.

The har­bour fish­ing is pick­ing up as the heat starts to get the fish a lit­tle more ex­cited.

Make sure to use as light a line as pos­si­ble and to use small, nat­u­ral­look­ing lures to fool these crafty fish. The flat­head are very greedy and will eat al­most any­thing, as long as it is mov­ing close to the bot­tom.

They are a lot of fun on the light tackle and a great way to in­tro­duce peo­ple to the joy of es­tu­ar­ine an­gling.

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