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A cor­po­ra­tion ex­ists in order to ren­der ser­vice to hu­man­ity. There­fore of most ba­sic to un­der­stand well when start­ing a busi­ness of this mag­ni­tude are as fol­lows;

The en­vi­ron­ment where the busi­ness will op­er­ate; The pub­lic that will be ser­viced;

From the two broad is­sues that are set out above, most, if not all the fac­tors that must be considered be­fore one in­vests in a multi-mil­lion Rand busi­ness can be de­duced. The list of such is­sues has been in­ter­ro­gated in de­tail in this ar­ti­cle. Fur­ther­more, a clear ad­vice on how to han­dle such is­sues has also been given so as to en­lighten any po­ten­tial in­vestor, more specif­i­cally some­one who is a for­eign na­tional in South Africa. Some of these is­sues in­clude, but are not limited to in­ter alia; (in no par­tic­u­lar order of im­por­tance);

The po­lit­i­cal cli­mate.

The le­gal and reg­u­la­tory en­vi­ron­ment.

The busi­ness en­vi­ron­ment.

The la­bor en­vi­ron­ment.

Fi­nance, more specif­i­cally the bank­ing in­dus­try. The Na­tional Devel­op­ment Plan.

Risk as­sess­ment and man­age­ment, and much more as they will be de­tailed in the forth­com­ing fea­tures.

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