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Ac­cord­ing to mak­ers of fit­ness track­ers, TomTom, the amount of time we spend sleep­ing is vi­tal to our health and well­be­ing. We have four stages of sleep per cy­cle, and each is needed for the body to re­lease hor­mones that help mus­cle growth. With gru­el­ing sched­ules, many of us skate on less than the re­quired seven to nine hours of sleep a day. This can lead to less pro­duc­tiv­ity and in­creased risk of dis­eases like di­a­betes and heart dis­ease, weight gain and mus­cle loss. Try these smarts steps to get­ting a bet­ter night’s sleep:

1. Avoid eat­ing within an hour of your bed­time – it’ll take you longer to fall asleep on a full stom­ach be­cause your body needs time to di­gest the food.

2. Switch off be­fore climb­ing into bed – lightemit­ting tech­nol­ogy, like our phones and tablets, has a dis­rup­tive ef­fect on sleep, keep­ing you alert and awake.

3. Ex­er­cise vig­or­ously dur­ing the day to

help re­lieve the symp­toms of in­som­nia.

4. Med­i­tate to slow down your heart rate, clear your thoughts and aid rest.

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