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Ned­bank be­havioural econ­o­mist Amy Un­der­wood of­fers four prac­ti­cal ways to con­trol the urge to splurge: 1. Stay home: The high cost of buying things on sale is ad­dic­tive, so if you know you have an im­pulse to spend, stay at home and avoid shop­ping places. 2. Go to a small shop­ping mall: Some peo­ple over­es­ti­mate their level of self-con­trol. Once they see the ‘sale’ sign, they re­act to it. If this hap­pens to you, go to smaller shop­ping cen­tres or a spe­cific store to get only what you need.”

3. Shop in the morn­ing: The part of the brain that deals with self­con­trol is the pre­frontal cor­tex. It helps us to do the right thing when it’s hard. If you have to shop, do so first thing in the morn­ing when your level of self-con­trol is still high, and not yet de­pleted.

4. Eat be­fore you shop: A part of the brain needs sugar to op­er­ate, so have fruit or a good meal be­fore you go shop­ping. This will keep your mind sharp enough to avoid get­ting caught by sale signs. When you eat, don’t go for sweets or stim­u­lants like cof­fee – it can af­fect many parts of your brain.

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