Trans­form your body by giv­ing it a calo­rie-burn­ing boost and send your me­tab­o­lism into over­drive.

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Af­ter what seems like for­ever, the weather is fi­nally warm­ing up, and we’ll soon be salut­ing the ar­rival of sum­mer, our favourite time of year. The warmer weather calls for a diet re­think. If your goal is to slim down, crank­ing up your me­tab­o­lism is the way to go. It con­trols how ef­fi­ciently you burn calo­ries from the foods you eat. The faster this com­plex sys­tem works, the eas­ier it is to lose weight – and the slower it is, the harder it is to beat the bulge.

The good news is that giv­ing your me­tab­o­lism a kick­start isn’t too hard. In fact, it isn’t even a big com­mit­ment. All you have to do is eat your meals at the right times, in the right quan­ti­ties, and pack in some se­cret foods with ex­tra fat-burn­ing pow­ers. This will help pum­mel away the ki­los, lift your en­ergy lev­els, and im­prove your con­cen­tra­tion and com­plex­ion.


Want to get your body go­ing with min­i­mal ef­fort? There are a few quick ways to ac­cel­er­ate your me­tab­o­lism. 1. Eat breakfast within a one-hour time frame of wak­ing up This will help your meta­bolic rate stay high. But miss­ing the first meal of the day will prompt your body to con­serve en­ergy, slow­ing down its abil­ity to burn fat. 2. Feel­ing stressed? Take a chill pill High lev­els of the stress hor­mone cor­ti­sol can make it harder to keep your me­tab­o­lism in check. Al­low­ing your­self a few min­utes to breathe deeply through­out the day can be a big help, so try to take time out. 3. Get enough sleep This is also a good way to de-stress, and the benefits of a good night’s slum­ber also ex­tend to weight man­age­ment. Be­ing sleep­de­prived al­ters lev­els of the hor­mones ghre­lin and lep­tin, which are con­nected to ap­petite. Is it start­ing to make sense why, when you don’t sleep enough, you feel hun­grier the fol­low­ing day? 4. Ex­er­cise reg­u­larly It goes without say­ing that reg­u­lar ex­er­cise ses­sions, such as in­ter­val train­ing, are a pow­er­ful way to pep up your fat burn. These in­crease the amount of en­ergy you’re ex­pend­ing and, ac­cord­ing to re­search pub­lished in the US jour­nal Cell Me­tab­o­lism, al­ter your DNA to in­clude ex­tra me­tab­o­lism benefits. 5. Eat right This is prob­a­bly the most im­por­tant of them all. Cakes, sweets and fizzy drinks are the ul­ti­mate belly-bulging foods, so try to save them for treats. If you have a sweet tooth, try fruits, as they have a bet­ter nu­tri­tious pro­file. Most of us know that a healthy diet boils down to three macronu­tri­ents – lean pro­tein, com­plex carbs and good fats – along with a gen­er­ous help­ing of fresh fruit and veg­eta­bles, but what many of us don’t know, is the quan­tity of each food group we should be eat­ing. Think get­ting your five-a-day is enough to tip the health scales in the right di­rec­tion? Think again! Five por­tions doesn’t quite cut it in the health stakes; you should be aim­ing for eight to nine por­tions of fruit and veg­gies daily to get the right bal­ance of vi­ta­mins, min­er­als and an­tiox­i­dants into your body. You should be aim­ing for 18g of fi­bre ev­ery day, but re­search shows that most of us only get about 14g ev­ery day. Fi­brous foods such as brown bread, ap­ples and oats take a while to digest, which means we feel fuller for longer. 6. Get your por­tion sizes right When it comes to por­tion sizes, we should be aim­ing to fill half of our plate with fresh veg­gies, and the other half with one quar­ter lean pro­tein (such as chicken, lentils or beans) and one quar­ter made up of good fats (salmon and olive oil) and com­plex carbs (brown rice or whole­wheat pasta). The eas­i­est way to con­trol your por­tions is to serve meals on a smaller plate. 7. Never skip meals When you’re try­ing to lose weight, skip­ping meals is one of the worst things you can do. Pass­ing on lunch ac­tu­ally makes your body hold on to ex­tra calo­ries when you do even­tu­ally eat, as you’re trick­ing the body into think­ing it isn’t get­ting enough food. Eat five small meals through­out the day in or­der to curb hunger pangs, and give your body the nu­tri­tional boost it needs. 8. Sip on green tea A study pub­lished in the Amer­i­can Jour­nal of Clin­i­cal Nutri­tion showed that green tea helped to pre­vent the body’s fat ab­sorp­tion. Also, it boosted me­tab­o­lism by up to 4%. Many stud­ies show that sip­ping at least two cups of green tea will help to burn more calo­ries.

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