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The best part of spring is hav­ing fun out­doors. There are many ways of stay­ing fit while soak­ing up the sun, in­clud­ing cone drills. This fun cir­cuit ex­er­cise is an ef­fec­tive com­bi­na­tion of car­dio and ton­ing, and it gets your body ready for sum­mer.

How you do it:

1. Get three cones or any­thing sim­i­lar that you have at home. Place your cones in a straight line, two me­tres apart. 2. Start on cone one, sprint to cone two, and do 10 squats. 3. Turn to the side, get into squat po­si­tion and shuf­fle to cone three. Get to cone three and do 10 burpees. 4. Sprint back to cone two and do 10 push-ups. Then go back to the start­ing cone. Re­peat the drill at least five times. You can mod­ify the cir­cuit to suit your needs and in­clude as many peo­ple as you want.

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