Pre­pare for your fam­ily’s fu­ture

There’s noth­ing that you trea­sure more than the hap­pi­ness of your fam­ily. Here’s how to pre­pare for those un­ex­pected ‘just in case’ mo­ments.

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The multi-di­men­sional ex­pec­ta­tions of modern so­ci­ety mean the pres­sure on women is con­tin­u­ally grow­ing, and since it’s es­ti­mated they drive 70-80% of house­hold pur­chas­ing de­ci­sions – while jug­gling fam­ily, friends and ca­reers – they like to be pre­pared for those ‘just in case’ mo­ments to de­liver on the de­mands of their busy world.

This in­nate abil­ity to be pre­pared for any­thing is a sci­en­tific fact – women’s brains are struc­turally de­signed for in­ter­con­nec­tiv­ity, mak­ing them ef­fec­tive at multi-task­ing, as well as con­sid­er­ing mul­ti­ple even­tu­al­i­ties.

Take your fam­ily, for ex­am­ple. When it comes to tak­ing care of them, you’re pre­pared in ev­ery re­spect, es­pe­cially with re­gards to your chil­dren, who’re the loves of your life. Their fu­ture is top of mind, so you work hard to af­ford qual­ity ed­u­ca­tion, the best med­i­cal care and a good home. All these prepa­ra­tions let them know they can rely on your nev­erend­ing sup­port.

1st for Women recog­nises the im­mense value you place on your fam­ily’s well­be­ing, which is why they’re bring­ing you an in­for­ma­tive series to help you se­cure your fam­ily’s fu­ture.


Keep an emer­gency phone. It must al­ways be charged and loaded with air­time. Keep a list of emer­gency con­tact num­bers. Make sure it’s vis­i­ble to ev­ery­one at all times.

Cre­ate a fam­ily What­sApp group. Come up with a se­cret code to use dur­ing an emer­gency.

Have a fam­ily exit plan. In­clude in­for­ma­tion on where to go af­ter ex­it­ing the house, what to take, etc.

Teach sur­vival skills. Kids must know how to use ba­sic first aid, a fire ex­tin­guisher or sig­nal for help. Ed­u­cate your kids to be vig­i­lant and aware of the land­marks in your area. 1st for Women is there in life’s ‘just in case’ mo­ments, with in­sur­ance and ser­vices specif­i­cally de­signed for you. Their car and home in­sur­ance caters to women’s unique needs and their Guardian An­gel As­sist helps you in home, road and med­i­cal emer­gen­cies – so that you’re al­ways ready. #JustInCase.

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