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Our health ex­perts say it’s es­sen­tial to pack the fol­low­ing items to avoid get­ting sick while trav­el­ling:

1. First aid bag with emer­gency num­bers: This bag should con­tain any med­i­ca­tion you may need should you fall ill, as well as plas­ters, headache tablets, a mos­quito net and emer­gency con­tact num­bers.

2. Lip balm, mos­turiser and mist: These are im­por­tant, es­pe­cially if you’re fly­ing as cabin air is very dry. Mist­ing your face and mois­tur­is­ing your body keeps skin healthy, while ap­ply­ing lip balm reg­u­larly keeps your lips from dry­ing out.

3. Wa­ter bot­tle: Stay hy­drated by keep­ing a bot­tle filled with wa­ter with you wher­ever you go. If you’re un­sure about the qual­ity of wa­ter, drink pu­ri­fied wa­ter, not from the taps.

4. Hand sani­tiser: This kills germs, pre­vent­ing you from get­ting a dis­ease. Keep a hand sani­tiser in your bag and use it be­fore touch­ing your food or drinks if there’s nowhere to wash your hands.

5. Head gear: Pack a hat or cap to avoid heat­stroke and ex­po­sure to the sun.

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