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Is your gym eti­quette up to scratch?

1. Us­ing your smart­phone

You wouldn’t write an email while driv­ing, so why check your in­box while you’re clock­ing up kilo­me­tres on the tread­mill? Leave your mo­bile phone in the chang­ing room if you’re plan­ning a work­out, to make sure you stay 100% fo­cused. Think mind-body con­nec­tion!

2. Hog­ging the ma­chines

There’s no spe­cific time lim­its set on gym ma­chines, but be mind­ful of those around you. If a queue is form­ing, it’s time to take the hint and hit the next piece of equip­ment.

3. Skimp­ing on de­odor­ant

We’re all for push­ing our­selves to the max, but re­mem­ber that the harder you work, the more you’ll sweat. And let’s face it, no­body wants to be in close prox­im­ity to an­other stinky gym-goer, so make sure you reap­ply de­odor­ant be­fore you hit the gym floor. Other noses will thank you.

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