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You want to achieve cer­tain goals or mile­stones but some­times lack the mo­ti­va­tion to at­tempt it. Other times it’s a case of not be­ing pre­pared to do what it takes to get there, not un­der­stand­ing the “why” be­hind your goal or lack­ing a clear ac­tion plan. Re­la­tion­ship ex­pert Paula Quin­see iden­ti­fies six dif­fer­ent types of pro­cras­ti­na­tors:

1. The Per­fec­tion­ist fo­cuses on get­ting it per­fectly right and sel­dom starts or fin­ishes what they set out to do.

2. The Dreamer has big vi­sions and dreams that rarely trans­late into ac­tion, of­ten driven by fear of fail­ure. The mantra is, “If I don’t start it, I won’t fail” – dream­ing is the safer op­tion.

3. The Wor­rier keeps ask­ing, “What if some­thing goes wrong?”, of­ten get­ting stuck in anal­y­sis paral­y­sis and never mov­ing for­ward.

4. The De­fier re­sists in­struc­tions from oth­ers and doesn’t take in­put or help from oth­ers be­cause they fear be­ing con­trolled.

5. The Cri­sis Maker feels they work bet­ter un­der pres­sure so they leave things to the last minute in the hope that they will de­liver.

6. The Over-Doer takes on the world and want to solve ev­ery­one’s prob­lems, of­ten be­cause they fear let­ting oth­ers down, at the cost of their own needs.

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