There are mil­lions of cars that are not in­sured be­cause some mo­torists be­lieve in­sur­ance is a lux­ury. Let’s chat about why car cover is vi­tal.


At least 65% of the cars on the roads are not in­sured, says the Au­to­mo­bile As­so­ci­a­tion of South Africa (AA). This is un­sur­pris­ing be­cause when we make bud­get cuts, car in­sur­ance is among the first items that get the big chop. Here is why we al­ways need to keep our cars in­sured:

1. Your ve­hi­cle will be looked af­ter: As soon as your car leaves the garage, it is ex­posed to many dan­ger­ous el­e­ments: theft, hi­jack­ing, hail or ac­ci­dents. Life hap­pens, and when it does, wouldn’t you rather be in­sured then hav­ing to fork out money you don’t have to fix the prob­lem?

2. Some­one else sorts out your prob­lems: In­sur­ance com­pa­nies are man­dated to help you when­ever you make a claim. This means you won’t spend time call­ing third par­ties, be­cause the pre­mi­ums you pay ev­ery month en­sure that you have as­sis­tance on standby.

3. Lim­its the need for emer­gency loans: “What would hap­pen if you are in­volved in a crash with one of these (unin­sured) ve­hi­cles and your car suf­fers sub­stan­tial dam­ages? Who’s go­ing to foot the bill if you aren’t cov­ered? This is a dou­ble blow be­cause you may end up hav­ing to pay the in­stall­ments on a ve­hi­cle you no longer use,” says the AA. It’s bet­ter to con­trib­ute a monthly fee to­wards ve­hi­cle in­sur­ance than to ap­ply for emer­gency loans to fix your car when it is dam­aged.

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