I was born and raised in the Vaal, in a small town called Van­der­bi­jl­park, and moved to Joburg in 2011 to study and DJ. I started a ba­sic busi­ness de­gree but I never fin­ished. My dad’s a very big mu­sic fan and dee­jayed at univer­sity. He played mu­sic loudly around the house when I was grow­ing up and I had no choice but to love mu­sic. My older brother also be­came a DJ and started play­ing at par­ties. In high school I started at­tend­ing the par­ties he played in and filled in for DJs who were late. That’s how I got into dee­jay­ing.

The rea­son I love hip-hop is be­cause I grew up in a skate park in my home­town and it was all we ever lis­tened to. The guy who taught me how to DJ taught me about hiphop so I de­cided to take that route.

As a pro­ducer, I have ses­sions with who­ever I want on a song and we link up to bounce ideas off each other and just vibe. We chill and get to know each other to see if we’re in the same headspace and if we can do some­thing to­gether be­fore step­ping into the stu­dio. For me, ev­ery­thing peo­ple hear in the mu­sic must be gen­uine and or­ganic. I take my time when I make mu­sic.

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